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          With their remarkable three part vocal harmony, a variety of acoustic instruments and a sense of musical whimsey. Celtic Mayhem has delighted audiences all over the world. Subscribe to their Youtube channel, check out their website or Facebook page, see them live - because they are so much fun to watch and their music will send you home feeling like you have just had the experience of a lifetime - until you get to see them again! These multi-talented musicians have the uncanny ability to play just about any instrument you put in front of them. Their skill and their wit will take you to a new level of music appreciation. 

Combining the talents of members of three of the renaissance faire circuit's most popular musical acts, Celtic Mayhem performs Celtic traditional music and folk songs, along with original and contemporary music with a traditional feel. In addition to renaissance, medieval and Celtic festivals, they play select pubs, clubs and concerts, often including a varied assortment of classic pop and rock songs in their sets - and adding a crowd-pleasing Mayhem twist to every performance. 

Featuring Ty Billings on vocals, guitar, and flute, Martyn Wylde on vocals, bass, guitar and bouzouki and Jack Stamates on vocals, fiddle, recorder and percussion, Celtic Mayhem have been entertaining audiences with their unique brand of "rockin' Irish music" since 2007 and were voted the winners of the 2019 Renaissance Festival Podcast Awards in the category of “Best small musical variety stage act”.

Celtic Mayhem have four albums available at Apple Music/iTunes, amazon.com- and, of course at their live shows - see them in concert or at a faire or festival near you!

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